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Applies to Subscription Management Tool 11.3

5 Managing Client Machines with SMT

SMT lets you register and manage client machines on Novell Customer Center. Client machines must be configured to use SMT. For information about configuring clients to use SMT, see Chapter 8, Configuring Clients to Use SMT.

5.1 Listing Registered Clients

To list SMT-registered client machines, use the smt-list-registrations command. The following information is listed for each client: its Unique ID, Hostname, date and time of Last Contact with the SMT server, and the Software Product the client uses.

5.2 Deleting Registrations

To delete a registration from SMT and Novell Customer Center, use the following command. To delete multiple registrations, the option -g can be used several times.

smt-delete-registration -g Client_ID

The ID of the client machine to be deleted can be determined from the output of the smt-list-registrations command.

5.3 Manual Registration of Clients at Novell Customer Center

The smt-register command registers clients at Novell Customer Center. All clients that are currently not registered or whose data has changed since the last registration are registered.

To register clients whose registration has failed, use the --reseterror option. This option resets the NCC registration error flag and tries to submit failed registrations again.

5.4 Scheduling Periodic Registrations of Clients at Novell Customer Center

SMT module allows for the easy scheduling of client registrations. In the default configuration, registrations are scheduled to repeat every 15 minutes. To create or modify a new registration schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Start YaST SMT Configuration module (yast2 smt-server).

  2. Go to the Scheduled SMT Job.

  3. Select any NCC Registration job and click Edit if you want to change its schedule.

    To create a new registration schedule, click Add and select NCC Registration as Job to Run.

  4. Choose the Frequency of the scheduled SMT job. You can perform jobs Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Periodically (every n-th hour or every m-th minute).

    Set the Job Start Time by entering Hour and Minute, or, in case of periodical frequency, the relevant periods. For weekly and monthly schedules, select the Day of the Week or the Day of the Month the mirroring should occur.

    Note: Lowest Registration Frequency

    Do not set the frequency lower than 10 minutes, because the maximum value of the rndRegister is 450 (7.5 minutes). If the frequency is lower, it may occur that the started process is still sleeping when the next process starts. In this case, the second request will exit.

  5. Click either OK or Add and Finish.

Scheduling of SMT jobs in general is covered in Section 2.5, “Setting the SMT Job Schedule with YaST”.

YaST uses cron to schedule Novell Customer Center registrations and other SMT jobs. If you do not want to use YaST, use cron directly.

To disable automatic registration, change the forwardRegistration value in the [LOCAL] section of the /etc/smt.conf configuration file to false.

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