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Applies to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8

3 Compute Hosts Edit source

This Compute Hosts page in the Compute section allows you to view your Compute Host resources.

3.1 Filter and Sort Edit source

The dedicated bar at the top of the page bar lets you filter alarm entries using the available filtering options.

Compute Hosts
Figure 3.1: Compute Hosts

Click the Filter icon to select one of the available options:

  • Any Column enables plain search across all columns

  • Status filters alarm entries by status.

  • Type enables filtering by host type, including Hyper-V, KVM, ESXi, and VMWare vCenter server.

  • State filters alarm entries by Nova state (for example, Activated, Activating, Imported, etc.).

  • Alarm State filters entries bay status of the alarms that are triggered on the host.

  • Cluster returns a filtered list of configured clusters that Compute Hosts belong to.

The alarm entries can be sorted by clicking on the appropriate column header, such as Name, Status, Type, State, etc.

To view detailed information (including alarm counts and utilization metrics) about a specific host in the list, click in the host's name in the list.

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