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Applies to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8

10 Networking Alarm Summary Edit source

This page displays the alarms for the Networking (Neutron), DNS, Firewall, and Load Balancing services. By default, alarms are sorted by State.

10.1 Filter and Sort Edit source

The filter bar allows you to filter the alarms by the available criteria, including Dimension, State, and Service. The dimension filter accepts key/value pairs, while the State filter provides a selection of valid values.

You can sort alarm entries using the column headers in the table.

10.2 Alarm Table Edit source

You can select one or multiple alarms using the check box next to each entry.

The State column displays a graphical indicator that shows the state of each alarm:

  • Green indicator: OK. Good operating state.

  • Yellow indicator: Warning. Low severity, not requiring immediate action.

  • Red indicator: Alarm. Varying severity levels and must be addressed.

  • Gray square (or gray indicator): Undetermined.

The Alarm column identifies the alarm by its name.

The Last Check column displays the date and time the most recent occurrence of the alarm.

The Dimension column shows the components to check in order to clear the alarm.

The last column, depicted by three dots, reveals an Actions menu gives you access to the following options:

  • View Details opens a separate window with the information from the table view and the alarm history.

  • View Alarm Definition allows you to view and edit the selected alarm definition.

  • Delete is used to delete the currently selected alarm entry.

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