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Applies to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8

Part I Cloud Admin User Guide Edit source

1 Using the Operations Console

Often referred to as the Ops Console, you can use this web-based graphical user interface (GUI) to view data about your cloud infrastructure and ensure your cloud is operating correctly.

2 Using the Dashboard

Often referred to as Horizon or the Horizon dashboard, you can use this console to manage resources on a domain and project level in a web-based graphical user interface (GUI).

3 Cloud Admin Actions with the Dashboard

The Horizon dashboard provides cloud admins a web GUI to perform domain admin tasks such as user and project administration and managing project quotas.

4 Cloud Admin Actions with the Command Line

Cloud admins can use the command line tools to perform domain admin tasks such as user and project administration.

5 Installing the Command-Line Clients

During the installation, by default, the suite of OpenStack command-line tools are installed on the Cloud Lifecycle Manager and the control plane in your environment. This includes the OpenStack Command-Line Interface as well as the clients for the individual services such as the NovaClient, CinderC…

6 Creating a Highly Available Router

CVR (Centralized Virtual Routing) and DVR (Distributed Virtual Routing) are two types of technologies which can be used to provide routing processes in SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8. You can create Highly Available (HA) versions of CVR and DVR routers by using the options in the table below when creating y…

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