Registering openSUSE Leap Micro Clients

This section contains information about registering clients running these openSUSE Leap Micro operating systems:

  • openSUSE Leap Micro 5.3 x86-64

  • openSUSE Leap Micro 5.3 ARM64

The openSUSE Leap Micro is an ultra-reliable, lightweight operating system purpose built for edge computing. It leverages the enterprise hardened security and compliance components of SUSE Linux Enterprise and merges them with a modern, immutable, developer-friendly OS platform.

The openSUSE Leap Micro uses transactional updates. Transactional updates are atomic (all updates are applied only if all updates succeed) and support rollbacks. They do not affect the running system because no changes are activated until the system is rebooted. This information is displayed in the Systems  Details  Overview subtab.


Table 1. openSUSE 产品 - WebUI
OS Version Product Name

openSUSE Leap Micro 5.3

openSUSE Leap Micro 5.3 x86_64

openSUSE Leap Micro 5.3

openSUSE Leap Micro 5.3 aarch64

  1. 在 SUSE Manager Web UI 中,导航到管理  安装向导  产品

  2. 使用搜索栏找到适用于您的客户端操作系统和体系结构的产品,然后选中相应产品。这样会自动选中所有必需的通道。此外,建议的所有通道也将选中,并且包括建议项开关会打开。单击箭头以查看相关产品的完整列表,确保您需要的所有额外产品都已选中。

  3. 单击 添加产品 并等待产品完成同步。


Table 2. openSUSE 通道 - CLI
OS Version Base Channel

openSUSE Leap Micro


  1. 在 SUSE Manager 服务器上的命令提示符处,以 root 身份使用 mgr-sync 命令添加相应的通道:

    mgr-sync add channel <channel_label_1>
    mgr-sync add channel <channel_label_2>
    mgr-sync add channel <channel_label_n>
  2. 同步会自动启动。如果您要手动同步通道,请使用以下命令:

    mgr-sync sync --with-children <channel_name>
  3. 确保同步已完成,然后再继续操作。

1. 检查同步状态

过程:在 Web UI 中检查同步进度
  1. 在 SUSE Manager Web UI 中,导航到管理  安装向导,然后选择产品选项卡。当同步产品时,此对话框会为每个产品显示一个完成栏。

  2. 或者,您可以导航到软件  管理  通道,然后单击与该储存库关联的通道。导航到储存库选项卡,然后单击同步并选中同步状态

  1. 在 SUSE Manager 服务器上的命令提示符处,以 root 身份使用 tail 命令检查同步日志文件:

    tail -f /var/log/rhn/reposync/<channel-label>.log
  2. 每个子通道在同步过程中都会生成自己的日志。 您需要检查所有基础通道和子通道日志文件,以确保同步已完成。

openSUSE Leap Micro channels can be very large. Synchronization can sometimes take several hours.

2. 注册客户端

openSUSE Leap Micro clients require reboot after registering. Reboot is automatically scheduled after registration is completed, but it is respecting the default reboot manager maintenance window. This window may be several hours after the client is registered. To speed up openSUSE Leap Micro registration, manually reboot the client after the registration script finishes.



有关注册客户端的详细信息,请参见 客户端注册