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Applies to SUSE Cloud Application Platform 2.1.1

2 Other Kubernetes Systems

2.1 Kubernetes Requirements

SUSE Cloud Application Platform is designed to run on any Kubernetes system that meets the following requirements:

  • Kubernetes API version of at least 1.14

  • Ensure nodes use a mininum kernel version of 3.19 and the kernel parameter max_user_namespaces should be set greater than 0.

  • The container runtime storage driver should not be aufs.

  • Presence of a storage class for SUSE Cloud Application Platform to use

  • kubectl can authenticate with the apiserver

  • kube-dns or core-dns should be running and ready

  • ntp, systemd-timesyncd, or chrony must be installed and active

  • The container runtime must be configured to allow privileged containers

  • Privileged container must be enabled in kube-apiserver. See kube-apiserver.

  • For Kubernetes deployments prior to version 1.15, privileged must be enabled in kubelet

  • The TasksMax property of the containerd service definition must be set to infinity

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