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Applies to SUSE Cloud Application Platform 2.1.1

16 Managing Passwords

The various components of SUSE Cloud Application Platform authenticate to each other using passwords that are automatically managed by the Cloud Application Platform secrets-generator. The only passwords managed by the cluster administrator are passwords for human users. The administrator may create and remove user logins, but cannot change user passwords.

  • The cluster administrator password is initially defined in the deployment's values.yaml file with CLUSTER_ADMIN_PASSWORD

  • The Stratos Web UI provides a form for users, including the administrator, to change their own passwords

  • User logins are created (and removed) with the Cloud Foundry Client, cf CLI

16.1 Password Management with the Cloud Foundry Client

The administrator cannot change other users' passwords. Only users may change their own passwords, and password changes require the current password:

tux > cf passwd
Current Password>
New Password>
Verify Password>
Changing password...
Please log in again

The administrator can create a new user:

tux > cf create-user NEW_USER PASSWORD

and delete a user:

tux > cf delete-user NEW_USER PASSWORD

Use the cf CLI to assign space and org roles. Run cf help -a for a complete command listing, or see Creating and Managing Users with the cf CLI.

16.2 Changing User Passwords with Stratos

The Stratos Web UI provides a form for changing passwords on your profile page. Click the overflow menu button on the top right to access your profile, then click the edit button on your profile page. You can manage your password and username on this page.

Stratos Profile Page
Figure 16.1: Stratos Profile Page
Stratos Edit Profile Page
Figure 16.2: Stratos Edit Profile Page
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