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Applies to SUSE Cloud Application Platform 2.1.1

13 Upgrading SUSE Cloud Application Platform

SUSE Cloud Application Platform upgrades are delivered as container images from the SUSE registry and applied with Helm.

For additional upgrade information, always review the release notes published at https://www.suse.com/releasenotes/x86_64/SUSE-CAP/2/.

13.1 Important Considerations

Before performing an upgrade, be sure to take note of the following:

Perform Upgrades in Sequence

Cloud Application Platform only supports upgrading releases in sequential order. If there are any intermediate releases between your current release and your target release, they must be installed. Skipping releases is not supported.

Preserve Helm Value Changes during Upgrades

During a helm upgrade, always ensure your kubecf-config-values.yaml file is passed. This will preserve any previously set Helm values while allowing additional Helm value changes to be made.

helm rollback Is Not Supported

helm rollback is not supported in SUSE Cloud Application Platform or in upstream Cloud Foundry, and may break your cluster completely, because database migrations only run forward and cannot be reversed. Database schema can change over time. During upgrades both pods of the current and the next release may run concurrently, so the schema must stay compatible with the immediately previous release. But there is no way to guarantee such compatibility for future upgrades. One way to address this is to perform a full raw data backup and restore. (See Section 21.2, “Disaster Recovery through Raw Data Backup and Restore”)

13.2 Upgrading SUSE Cloud Application Platform

The supported upgrade method is to install all upgrades, in order. Skipping releases is not supported. This table matches the Helm chart versions to each release:

CAP Releasecf-operator Helm Chart VersionKubeCF Helm Chart VersionStratos Helm Chart VersionStratos Metrics Helm Chart VersionMinimum Kubernetes Version RequiredCF API ImplementedKnown Compatible CF CLI VersionCF CLI URL
2.1.1 (current release)7.2.1+0.gaeb6ef32.

Use helm list to see the version of your installed release . Perform sequential upgrades until you reach the desired SUSE Cloud Application Platform release.

The example procedure below demonstrates how to upgrade to the current release. If you are not upgrading to the current release, replace the version with the version you intend to upgrade to.

  1. Begin by upgrading cf-operator.

    tux > helm upgrade cf-operator suse/cf-operator \
    --namespace cf-operator \
    --set "global.singleNamespace.name=kubecf" \
    --version 7.2.1+0.gaeb6ef3
  2. Wait until cf-operator is successfully upgraded before proceeding. Monitor the status of your cf-operator upgrade using the watch command.

    tux > watch --color 'kubectl get pods --namespace cf-operator'
  3. When the cf-operator upgrade is completed, upgrade KubeCF.

    tux > helm upgrade kubecf suse/kubecf \
    --namespace kubecf \
    --values kubecf-config-values.yaml \
    --version 2.7.13
  4. Monitor the status of your KubeCF upgrade using the watch command.

    tux > watch --color 'kubectl get pods --namespace kubecf'
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