This section contains some common problems you might encounter with SUSE Manager, and solutions to resolving them.

Before you begin troubleshooting, you might want to produce some reports from your system to help you understand what is going on.

Producing Reports

The spacewalk-report command is used to produce a variety of reports for system administrators. These reports can be helpful for taking inventory of your entitlements, subscribed systems, users, and organizations. Using reports is often simpler than gathering information manually from the SUSE Manager Web UI, especially if you have many systems under management.

spacewalk-reports Package
To use spacewalk-report, you must have the spacewalk-reports package installed.

spacewalk-report allows administrators to organize and display reports about content, systems, and user resources across SUSE Manager. Using spacewalk-report, you can receive reports on:

  1. System Inventory: lists all of the systems registered to SUSE Manager.

  2. Entitlements: lists all organizations on SUSE Manager, sorted by system or channel entitlements.

  3. Patches: lists all the patches relevant to the registered systems and sorts patches by severity, as well as the systems that apply to a particular patch.

  4. Users: lists all the users registered to SUSE Manager and any systems associated with a particular user.

To get the report in CSV format, run the following at the command line of your SUSE Manager Server.

spacewalk-report <report_name>

The following reports are available:

Table 1. spacewalk-report Reports
Report Invoked as Description

Channel Packages


List of packages in a channel.

Channel Report


Detailed report of a given channel.

Cloned Channel Report


Detailed report of cloned channels.

Custom Info


System custom information.



Lists all organizations on SUSE Manager with their system or channel entitlements.

Patches in Channels


Lists of patches in channels.

Patches Details


Lists all patches that affect systems registered to SUSE Manager.

All patches


Complete list of all patches.

Patches for Systems


Lists applicable patches and any registered systems that are affected.

Host Guests


List of host-guests mapping.

Inactive Systems


List of inactive systems.

System Inventory


List of systems registered to the server, together with hardware and software information.

Kickstart Trees


List of kickstartable trees.

All Upgradable Versions


List of all newer package versions that can be upgraded.

Newest Upgradable Version


List of only newest package versions that can be upgraded.

Result of SCAP


Result of OpenSCAP sccdf eval.

Result of SCAP


Result of OpenSCAP sccdf eval, in a different format.

System Data


System data needed for splice integration.

System Groups


List of system groups.

Activation Keys for System Groups


List of activation keys for system groups.

Systems in System Groups


List of systems in system groups.

System Groups Users


Report of system groups users.

Installed Packages


List of packages installed on systems.

Users in the System


Lists all users registered to SUSE Manager.

Systems administered


List of systems that individual users can administer.

For more information about an individual report, run spacewalk-report with the option --info or --list-fields-info and the report name. The description and list of possible fields in the report will be shown.

For further information on program invocations and options, see the spacewalk-report(8) man page as well as the --helpparameter of the spacewalk-report.