If you click Main Menu  Images  Stores, a listing of your Image Stores appears. Several columns provide information about each store:

images image stores
  • Select box: To select image stores, mark the appropriate check boxes. Selected stores can be deleted simultaneously via the Delete button that appears in the upper right corner while selecting stores.

  • Label : Name of the store.

  • Type : Currently, only Registry is available.

  • Actions : Edit and Delete button. Edit opens a the Store Details page for editing.

In the upper right corner offers several action buttons: The Delete button appears when one or more stores are selected. Refresh and Create are default buttons. Create opens the Create Image Store dialog:

images image stores create
Image stores for Kiwi build type

The Kiwi build type is used to build system, virtual, and other images. The image store for the Kiwi build type is pre-defined as a filesystem directory at /srv/www/os-images on the server. SUSE Manager serves the image store over HTTP from The image store location is unique and is not customizable.

Images are always stored in /srv/www/os-image/<organization id>.