Selected Systems

On the Main Menu  Systems  Overview page, if you mark the check box next to a system, the system selected number on the right area of the top bar increases. This number keeps track of the systems you have selected for use in the System Set Manager (SSM); for more information, refer to: System Set Manager

At any time, it identifies the number of selected systems and provides the means to work (simultaneously) with an entire selection. Clicking the the rubber symbol (Clear) deselects all systems, while clicking the system selected string (Manage) launches the System Set Manager with your selected systems in place.

These systems can be selected in a number of ways. Only systems with at least a Management system role are eligible for selection. On all system and system group lists, a check boxes exist for this purpose. Each time you select a check box next to the systems or groups the systems selected counter at the top of the page changes to reflect the new number of systems ready for use in the System Set Manager.