Patches Menu

The Main Menu  Patches menu from the left bar helps tracking the availability and application of patches to your managed systems.

The Main Menu  Patches  Patches page displays all or relevant patches for at least one of your managed systems that have not been applied yet.

Receiving Patches for Your System

To receive an e-mail when patches are issued for your system, go to Main Menu  Home  My Preferences and select Receive email notifications.

SUSE distinguishes three types of patches: security updates, bug fix updates, and enhancement updates. Each patch consists of a summary of the problem and solution, including the RPM packages fixing the problem.

Icons are used to identify the three types:

  • Security Alert — Security Updates available, strongly recommended

  • Bug Fix Alert — Bug Fix Updates available, recommended

  • Enhancement Alert — Enhancement Updates available, optional

A summary of each patch is provided in list form displaying its type, advisory ID, synopsis (with the severity as a textual prefix in case of security updates, such as “critical”, “important”, “moderate”, or “low”), number of affected systems in your network, and date updated.

In addition, you may view patches by product line at the following location: For more information on security updates, see