Channel List


Under Main Menu  Software  Channels select All. All channels available to your organization are listed.

channels all channels

Links within this list go to different tabs of the Software Channel Details page. Clicking a channel name takes you to the Details tab. Clicking the number of packages takes you to the Packages tab. Clicking the number of systems takes you to the Subscribed Systems tab. Refer to: Channel Details for details.

Package Count Update Change

During a channel synchronization all package are now downloaded before they are incremented and displayed within the Web UI. When packages have completed the initial download, packages will begin to increment in your channel as they are imported to the database.


The SUSE page displays all SUSE channels and any available child channels.

channels vendor channels
SUSEChannels Cannot be Deleted

When imported, SUSE channels cannot be deleted. Only custom software channels can be deleted.

The Popular page displays the software channels most subscribed by systems registered to your organization.

channels popular channels

You can refine the search by using the drop-down box to list only the channels with at least a certain number of systems subscribed.

My Channels

The My Channels page displays all software channels that belong to your organization, including both SUSE and custom channels. Use the text box to filter by channel name.

channels custom channels


The Shared page displays the channels shared with others in the organizational trust.

channels shared channels


The Retired page displays available channels that have reached their end-of-life dates and do not receive updates.

channels retired channels