Package Search

The Package Search page allows you to search through packages using various criteria provided by the What to search for selection list:

  • Free Form — a general keyword search useful when the details of a particular package and its contents are unknown.

  • Name Only — Targeted search to find a specific package known by name.

  • Name and Summary — Search for a package or program which might not show up in the respective package name but in its one-line summary.

  • Name and Description — Search package names and their descriptions.

channels search channels

The Free Form field additionally allows you to search using field names that you prepend to search queries and filter results by that field keyword.

For example, if you wanted to search all of the SUSE Linux Enterprise packages for the word java in the description and summary, type the following in the Free Form field:

summary:java and description:java

Other supported field names include:

  • name: search package names for a particular keyword,

  • version: search for a particular package version,

  • filename: search the package file names for a particular keyword,

  • description: search the packages' detailed descriptions for a particular keyword,

  • summary: search the packages' brief summary for a particular keyword,

  • arch: search the packages by their architecture (such as x86_64, ppc64le, or s390).

You can also limit searches to Channels relevant to your systems by clicking the check box. Additionally, you can restrict your search by platform (Specific channel you have access to) or architecture (Packages of a specific architecture).