Registering with a Bootstrap Script (Salt and Traditional)

Registering clients (either traditional or Salt) via SUSE Manager Proxy with a bootstrap script is done almost the same way as registering clients directly with the SUSE Manager Server. The difference is that you create the bootstrap script on the SUSE Manager Proxy with a command line tool. The bootstrap script then deploys all necessary information to the clients. The bootstrap script requires some parameters (such as activation keys or GPG keys) that depend on your specific setup.

Procedure: Registering Clients to a Proxy with a Bootstrap Script
  1. Create a client activation key on the SUSE Manager server using the Web UI. For more information, see client-configuration:activation-keys.adoc.

  2. On the proxy, execute the mgr-bootstrap command line tool as root. If needed, use the additional command line switches to tune your bootstrap script. To install a traditional client instead of a Salt client, ensure you use the --traditional switch.

    To view available options type mgr-bootstrap --help from the command line:

    # mgr-bootstrap --activation-keys=key-string
  3. Optional: edit the resulting bootstrap script.

  4. Execute the bootstrap script on the clients.