The list of network interfaces installed on a system


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
mgm_id numeric 131089 null
systemnetaddressv4.mgm_id systemnetaddressv4_interface_fkeyR
systemnetaddressv6.mgm_id systemnetaddressv6_interface_fkeyR
system.mgm_id systemnetinterface_system_fkeyR

The id of the SUSE Manager instance that contains this data

system_id numeric 131089 null
systemnetaddressv4.system_id systemnetaddressv4_interface_fkeyR
systemnetaddressv6.system_id systemnetaddressv6_interface_fkeyR
system.system_id systemnetinterface_system_fkeyR

The id of the system

interface_id numeric 131089 null
systemnetaddressv4.interface_id systemnetaddressv4_interface_fkeyR
systemnetaddressv6.interface_id systemnetaddressv6_interface_fkeyR

The id of the network interface

name varchar 32 null

The unique name of the interface

hardware_address varchar 96 null

the MAC address of this network interface

module varchar 128 null

The module of this network interface

primary_interface bool 1 false

True if the interface is marked as primary for this system

synced_date timestamptz 35,6 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

The timestamp of when this data was last refreshed.


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
systemnetinterface_pk Primary key Asc/Asc/Asc mgm_id + system_id + interface_id

Check Constraints

Constraint Name Constraint
vn_systemnetinterface_name (((name)::text <> ''::text))
vn_systemnetinterface_hardware_address (((hardware_address)::text <> ''::text))
vn_systemnetinterface_module (((module)::text <> ''::text))