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documentation.suse.com / Guide / Setting up an installation server for SAP media sets
Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 15 SP2

6 Setting up an installation server for SAP media sets

Using the SAP Installation Wizard, it is possible to copy the SAP media sets from a remote server (for example, via NFS or SMB). However, using the option provided there means that you need to install the product at the same time. Additionally, it does not allow for copying all SAP media used in your organization to a single server.

However, you can easily create such a server on your own. For example, to put the SAP media sets on an NFS Server, proceed as follows:

Procedure 6.1: Adding SAP product installation files to an NFS server
  1. On your installation server, create the directory /srv/www/htdocs/sap_repo.

  2. Open the file /etc/exports and add the following:

    /srv/www/htdocs/sap_repo *(ro,no_root_squash,sync,no_subtree_check,insecure)
    Important: Executable rights must be visible

    Clients must be able to see which files are executable. Otherwise, SUSE's SAP Installation Wizard will not be able to execute the SAP Installer.

  3. In /srv/www/htdocs/sap_repo, create a directory for every SAP medium you have. Give these directories speaking names, so you can identify them later on. For example, you could use names like kernel, java, or hana.

  4. Copy the contents of each SAP medium to the corresponding directory with cp -a.

    Important: Avoid using Windows* operating systems for copying

    Using a Windows operating system for copying from/to Windows file systems like NTFS can break permission settings and capitalization of files and directories.

You can now install from the NFS server you set up. In the SAP Installation Wizard, specify the path this way: server_name/srv/www/htdocs/sap_repo. For more information about specifying the path, see Table 4.1, “Media source path”.

For information about setting up an NFS server from scratch, see Administration Guide, Part Services, Chapter Sharing File Systems with NFS, Section Installing NFS Server (https://documentation.suse.com/sles-15).

For information about installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from an NFS server, see Deployment Guide, Chapter Remote Installation, Section Setting Up an NFS Repository Manually (https://documentation.suse.com/sles-15).