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Applies to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8

7 Block Storage Summary Edit source

This page displays the alarms that have triggered since the timeframe indicated.

Search and Sort

  • The search bar allows you to filter the alarms you want to view. State and Service are examples of criteria that can be specified. Additionally, you can filter by typing in text similar to searching by keywords.

  • You can sort alarm entries using the column headers in the table.

New Alarms: Block Storage

The New Alarms section shows you the alarms that have triggered since the timeframe indicated. You can select the timeframe using the Configure control with options ranging from the Last Minute to Last 30 Days. This section refreshes every 60 seconds.

The new alarms will be separated into the following categories:

CriticalOpen alarms, identified by red indicator.
WarningOpen alarms, identified by yellow indicator.

Open alarms, identified by gray indicator. Unknown will be the status of an alarm that has stopped receiving a metric. This can be caused by the following conditions:

  • An alarm exists for a service or component that is not installed in the environment.

  • An alarm exists for a virtual machine or node that previously existed but has been removed without the corresponding alarms being removed.

  • There is a gap between the last reported metric and the next metric.

OpenComplete list of open alarms.

Complete list of alarms, may include Acknowledged and Resolved alarms.

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