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Applies to SUSE OpenStack Cloud Crowbar

6 Nova User Guide

As an end user of nova, you'll use nova to create and manage servers with either tools or the API directly.

6.1 Tools for using Nova

  • Horizon: The official web UI for the OpenStack Project.

  • OpenStack Client: The official CLI for OpenStack Projects. You should use this as your CLI for most OpenStack operations, as it includes commands for most of the projects in OpenStack.

  • Nova Client: For some very advanced features (or administrative commands) of nova you may need to use nova client. It is still supported, but we recommend the openstack CLI.

6.2 Writing to the API

All end user (and some administrative) features of nova are exposed via a REST API, which can be used to build more complicated logic or automation with nova. This can be consumed directly, or via various SDKs. The following resources will help you get started with consuming the API directly.

  • Compute API Guide:: The concept guide for the API. This helps lay out the concepts behind the API to make consuming the API reference easier.

  • Compute API Reference: The complete reference for the API, including all methods, request, and response parameters and their meaning.

  • The compute API evolves over time through Microversions. This provides the history of all those changes. Consider it a "what's new" in the compute API.

  • Block Device Mapping: One of the trickier parts to understand is the Block Device Mapping parameters used to connect specific block devices to computes. This deserves its own deep dive.

  • Store metadata on a configuration drive: Provide information to the guest instance when it is created.

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