Installing SUSE Manager Server

This chapter provides the required KVM settings for installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server media as the base for SUSE Manager. A kernel virtual machine KVM combined with Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) will be used as a sandbox for this installation.

1. SLES KVM Requirements

Enter the following settings when creating a new virtual machine using virt-manager (replace version with the actual version string):

KVM Settings for SLES Installation Method:

Local install media (ISO image or CDROM)






4096 MB



Storage Format:


Disk Space:

234 GB split between 4 GB swap and 130 GB mounted at /var/spacewalk/

(Virtual Disk 1) and 50 GB mounted at /var/lib/pgsql

(Virtual Disk 2). The rest for the root partition (100 GB+).




1.1. SLES KVM Settings

This section provides guidance on installation of SUSE Manager utilizing the full installation media with KVM and virt-manager. This section assumes you have previously setup an account with SCC and downloaded the SLES full installation media.

Procedure: Preparing for SLES Installation
  1. In virt-manager select File  New Virtual Machine.

  2. Select Local install media (ISO image or CDROM).

  3. Ensure Use ISO Image is selected then click Browse and locate the full SLES image you downloaded from your SCC account.

  4. Configure your machine with at least 4096 MB RAM and a minimum of 2 CPUs.

  5. Create a storage device with a minimum of 234 GB storage space for the installation. During the partitioning setup of the SLES installation this disk should be partitioned into the following disks:

    Disk Space Requirements

    4 GB Swap space

    130 GB XFS partition (or dedicated virtual disk) for /var/spacewalk/

    50 GB XFS partition (or dedicated virtual disk) for /var/lib/pgsql/

  6. The remaining storage space will be used by the operating system for the root partition. Select Finish to begin the installation.

Installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server will begin. For more information on completing an installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, see:

2. Selecting the SUSE Manager Extension

  1. During SUSE Linux Enterprise Server installation, you will be presented with the Extension and Module Selection screen.

    This screen will not be shown if you have skipped the registration step at the beginning of the installation process. Ensure you have registered with SUSE and logged in.

  2. Select the SUSE Manager Extension and then click the Next button.

  3. Complete the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server installation.

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