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documentation.suse.com / Dokumentace systému SUSE Linux Enterprise Server / Deployment Guide / Setting Up an Installation Server
Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5

Part III Setting Up an Installation Server

  • 8 Setting Up the Server Holding the Installation Sources
  • There are several methods of installing the target SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server via network, for example by using any of NFS, FTP, HTTP, or SMB protocols. This chapter describes how to set up the installation server depending on the preferred network protocol.

  • 9 Preparing the Boot of the Target System
  • After the installations server is properly configured depending on which network protocol you prefer, you need to configure remote booting from it. This section covers the configuration tasks needed in complex boot scenarios and contains ready-to-apply configuration examples for DHCP, PXE boot, TFTP…

  • 10 Deploying Customized Preinstallations
  • Rolling out customized preinstallations of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to many identical machines spares you from installing each one of them separately and provides a standardized installation for the end users.