HPE Helion OpenStack 8

User Guide

This section contains user tasks for your HPE Helion OpenStack 8 cloud.

Publication Date: 05/02/2024
I Cloud Admin User Guide
1 Using the Operations Console
1.1 Operations Console Overview
1.2 Connecting to the Operations Console
1.3 Managing Compute Hosts
1.4 Managing Swift Performance
1.5 Visualizing Data in Charts
1.6 Getting Help with the Operations Console
2 Using the Dashboard
2.1 Accessing Horizon
2.2 Browser support for Horizon
2.3 Dashboard Use
2.4 Project dashboard
2.5 Admin dashboard
2.6 Settings dashboard
2.7 Accessing the Dashboard
2.8 Horizon Dashboard
2.9 Other Panels
3 Cloud Admin Actions with the Dashboard
3.1 Cloud Admin
3.2 Accessing the dashboard
3.3 Cloud Admin Activities
3.4 Create a New Domain
3.5 Set Domain context to the newly created Domain
3.6 Create a New Project
3.7 Create a New User
3.8 Remove a user from a project
3.9 Assign Admin role to User within the new Domain
3.10 Setting and managing quotas
3.11 Sign out of the Dashboard
4 Cloud Admin Actions with the Command Line
4.1 Creating Additional Cloud Admins
4.2 Command Line Examples
4.3 Assigning the default service admin roles
4.4 Customize policy.json on the Cloud Lifecycle Manager
4.5 Roles
5 Installing the Command-Line Clients
5.1 Installing the CLI tools using the input model
5.2 Installing the CLI tools using Ansible
6 Creating a Highly Available Router
6.1 CVR and DVR High Available Routers
6.2 Creating a High Availability Router
6.3 Test Router for High Availability
II Project User Guide
7 Using Container as a Service (Magnum)
7.1 Deploying a Kubernetes Cluster on Fedora Atomic
7.2 Deploying a Kubernetes Cluster on CoreOS
7.3 Deploying a Docker Swarm Cluster on Fedora Atomic
7.4 Deploying an Apache Mesos Cluster on Ubuntu
7.5 Creating a Magnum Cluster with the Dashboard
8 Creating a Private Network
8.1 Prerequisites
8.2 Creating a Router
8.3 Creating a Network and Subnet
9 Creating a Key Pair
9.1 Creating a Key Pair using Horizon
9.2 Creating a Key Pair using the Command Line
10 Creating and Uploading a Glance Image
10.1 How to Curate Your Own Images
10.2 Example: Uploading a Cirros Linux Image for Use
10.3 Using Horizon to Upload an Image
11 Creating a Load Balancer with the Dashboard
12 Using Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS)
12.1 Configuration
12.2 For More Information
13 Using Load Balancing as a Service with Orchestration Service
13.1 Orchestration Service
13.2 Orchestration Service support for LBaaS v2
13.3 Limitations
13.4 More Information
14 Using Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)
14.1 Prerequisites
14.2 HPE Helion OpenStack 8 FWaaS Configuration
14.3 More Information
15 Using VPN as a Service (VPNaaS)
15.1 Prerequisites
15.2 Considerations
15.3 Configuration
15.4 More Information
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