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documentation.suse.com / A SUSE Linux Enterprise Server dokumentációja / Docker Open Source Engine Guide / Installing sle2docker
Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5

3 Installing sle2docker

The sle2docker is used to import pre-built SUSE Linux Enterprise images. The imported pre-built images can then be used to create base Docker images.

The tool is part of the official container module. You can install it by using zypper. But prior to installing sle2docker, verify that the following prerequisites are fulfilled:

  • Ruby is installed on the host machine.

  • The docker daemon is running on the system.

  • The user invoking sle2docker must have proper rights to invoke Docker commands.

If the conditions above are fulfilled, you can install the sle2docker tool by running:

sudo zypper in sle2docker