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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability 15 SP3

9 Troubleshooting

Booth uses the same logging mechanism as the CRM. Thus, changing the log level will also take effect on booth logging. The booth log messages also contain information about any tickets.

Both the booth log messages and the booth configuration file are included in the crm report.

In case of unexpected booth behavior or any problems, check the logging data with sudo journalctl -n or create a detailed cluster report with crm report.

In case you can access the cluster nodes on all sites (plus the arbitrators) from one single host via SSH, it is possible to collect log files from all of them within the same crm report. When calling crm report with the -n option, it gets the log files from all hosts that you specify with -n. (Without -n, it would try to obtain the list of nodes from the respective cluster). For example, to create a single crm report that includes the log files from two two-node clusters (| and| plus an arbitrator (, use the following command:

#  crm report -n " \"  -f 10:00 -t 11:00 db-incident

If the issue is about booth only and you know on which cluster nodes (within a site) booth is running, then specify only those two nodes plus the arbitrator.

If there is no way to access all sites from one host, run crm report individually on the arbitrator, and on the cluster nodes of the individual sites, specifying the same period of time. To collect the log files on an arbitrator, you must use the -S option for single node operation:

amsterdam # crm report -f 10:00 -t 11:00 db-incident-amsterdam
berlin # crm report -f 10:00 -t 11:00 db-incident-berlin
arbitrator # crm report -S -f 10:00 -t 11:00 db-incident-arbitrator

However, it is preferable to produce one single crm report for all machines that you need log files from.