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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP4

6 Installation on hardware not supported at release

With some newer hardware, the installation medium of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server cannot boot. This can be the case when the hardware did not exist at the time of the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. For such a situation SUSE provides Kernel Update ISO (kISO) images. This chapter describes how to use the kernel update to install SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on current hardware.

6.1 Download kernel update

Kernel Update ISO images are available on the SUSE SolidDriver home page. Use https://drivers.suse.com to search for bootable ISO images for your vendor and operating system version.

You can download the full ISO image or only the initrd and linux files. The ISO usually needs to be copied to a USB flash drive or burned to a DVD. The initrd and linux files can be used for a PXE boot. For details about booting via PXE, see Chapter 17, Preparing network boot environment.

6.2 Boot kernel update

To use the kernel update, boot from the USB flash drive or via PXE. When the linux and the initrd are loaded, you will be asked to insert the installation medium.

You can use the boot parameters described in Chapter 7, Boot parameters. This allows using other installation sources than the installation USB flash drive.