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documentation.suse.com / Dokumentacja systemu SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server / AutoYaST Guide / Managing mass installations with dynamic profiles
Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP4

Part III Managing mass installations with dynamic profiles

  • 5 Supported approaches to dynamic profiles
  • When dealing with the installation of multiple systems, it might be useful to use a single profile (or a reduced set of them) that adapts automatically to each system. In this regard, AutoYaST offers three different mechanisms to modify the profile at installation time.

  • 6 Rules and classes
  • Rules and classes allow customizing installations for sets of machines in different ways:

  • 7 ERB templates
  • ERB templates are for embedding Ruby code within an AutoYaST profile to modify the profile during the installation. With this approach, you can inspect the system and adjust the profile by setting values, adding or skipping sections, and so on.

  • 8 Combining ERB templates and scripts
  • Section 4.31.1, “Pre-scripts” already describes how to use a pre-script to modify the current profile. In a nutshell, if the script creates a /tmp/profile/modified.xml file, AutoYaST imports that profile and forgets about the initial one.