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documentation.suse.com / SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro Documentation / Deployment Guide / Manual installation
Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.1

Part III Manual installation

  • 9 Boot parameters
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro allows setting several parameters during boot, for example choosing the source of the installation data or setting the network configuration.

  • 10 Installation steps
  • This chapter describes the procedure in which the data for SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro is copied to the target device. Some basic configuration parameters for the newly installed system are set during the procedure. A graphical user interface will guide you through the installation. The text-mode installation has the same steps but looks different. For information about performing non-interactive automated installations, see AutoYaST Guide.

  • 11 Remote installation
  • The installation of SUSE® Linux Enterprise Micro can be fully performed over the network. This chapter describes how to provide the required environment for booting, installing and controlling the installation via the network.

  • 12 Troubleshooting
  • This section highlights some typical problems you may run into during installation and offers possible solutions or workarounds.