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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP4

37 Integrated help and package documentation

Various virtualization packages provide commands for managing many aspects of a virtualization host. It is not possible or expected to remember all options supported by these commands. A basic installation of a Xen or KVM host includes manual pages and integrated help for shell commands. The documentation sub-packages provide additional content beyond what is provided by the basic installation.

Manual pages for shell commands

Most commands include a manual page that provides detailed information about the command, describes any options, and in some cases gives example command usage. For example, to see the manual for the virt-install command type:

> man virt-install
Integrated help for shell commands

Commands also include integrated help, providing more compact and topic-driven documentation. For example, to see a brief description of the virt-install command type:

> virt-install --help

Integrated help can also be used to see the details of a specific option. For example, to see the sub-options supported by the disk option type:

> virt-install --disk help
Documentation sub-packages

Many of the virtualization packages provide additional content in their documentation sub-package. As an example, the libvirt-doc package contains all the documentation available at http://libvirt.org, plus sample code demonstrating the use of the libvirt C API. Use the rpm command to view the contents of a documentation sub-package. For example, to see the contents of libvirt-doc:

rpm -ql libvirt-doc