Subscription Matching

The Audit  Subscription Matching section provides reports that match your currently installed clients to your existing product subscriptions. Subscription matching reports provide information about clients that do not have a subscription, and subscription start and end dates.

Table 1. Subscription Matching Options
Column Description

Part Number

Identifier of the matched product


Description of the matched product


The type of subscription matched to the product


The number of clients currently using the subscription, of the total available. If the subscription is fully matched, the quantity column value is highlighted.

Start Date

Start date of the subscription

End Date

End date of the subscription

Table entries are highlighted if they are due to expire within three months. Table entries that have already expired are shown in grayscale.

For messages relating to subscription matching, navigate to the Messages tab.

Table 2. Subscription Matching Statuses
Status Description Action

Unsupported Part Number

The detected part number is unknown or unsupported.

Call SUSE support and open a Service Request ticket to have the part number added to the product.

Physical Guest

A client is reporting as virtual, but could be a physical client.

Check the client hardware data.

Guest with Unknown Host

A virtual client has an unknown host.

Check the virtual host manager (VHM) configuration to ensure it is reporting correctly. For Linux-based hosts using libvirt, check that the host is registered, and that the virtual host system type is set correctly.

Unknown CPU Count

Unable to determine how many CPUs a client has. SUSE Manager will default to 16 CPUs.

Schedule a hardware refresh on this client.

To pin clients to a particular subscription, navigate to the Pins tab.

Table 3. Pin Statuses
Status Description


The client and subscription were matched correctly.

Not satisfied

The client was not successfully matched with a subscription.

Pending next run

Waiting for the next matcher run.

For more information about subscription matching, see Subscription Matching.