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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.1, K3s 1.20.14, SUSE Rancher 2.5.12

6 Summary

Using components and offerings from SUSE and the Rancher portfolio plus Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Servers streamline the ability to quickly and effectively engage in a digital transformation, taking advantage of cloud-native resources and disciplines. Using such technology approaches lets you deploy and leverage transformations of infrastructure into a durable, reliable enterprise-grade environment.


Simplify and optimize your existing IT environments

  • Using SUSE Rancher enables you to simplify Kubernetes cluster deployment and management of the infrastructure components.


Bring applications and data into modern computing

  • With SUSE Rancher, the digital transformation to containerized applications can be extended, in a distributed computing context, to benefit from the ability both to manage many target clusters, for each of the respective user bases, and to simplify the actual workload deployments.


Accelerate business transformation through the power of open source software

  • Given the open source nature of SUSE Rancher and the underlying software components, you can simplify management and make significant IT savings as you scale orchestrated microservice deployments anywhere you need to and for whatever use cases are needed, in an agile and innovative way.