Applies to HPE Helion OpenStack 8

Part II Cloud Installation

7 Overview

Before starting the installation, review the sample configurations offered by HPE Helion OpenStack in Book “Planning an Installation with Cloud Lifecycle Manager”, Chapter 9 “Example Configurations”. HPE Helion OpenStack ships with highly tuned example configurations for each of these cloud models:

8 Preparing for Stand-Alone Deployment
9 Installing with the Install UI

10 Using Git for Configuration Management

In HPE Helion OpenStack 8, a local git repository is used to track configuration changes; the Configuration Processor (CP) uses this repository. Use of a git workflow means that your configuration history is maintained, making rollbacks easier and keeping a record of previous configuration settings.…

11 Installing a Stand-Alone Cloud Lifecycle Manager
12 Installing Mid-scale and Entry-scale KVM
13 DNS Service Installation Overview

The HPE Helion OpenStack DNS Service supports several different backends for domain name service. The choice of backend must be included in the deployment model before the HPE Helion OpenStack install is completed.

14 Magnum Overview

The HPE Helion OpenStack Magnum Service provides container orchestration engines such as Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Apache Mesos available as first class resources. HPE Helion OpenStack Magnum uses Heat to orchestrate an OS image which contains Docker and Kubernetes and runs that image in either …

15 Installing ESX Computes and OVSvAPP

This section describes the installation step requirements for ESX Computes (nova-proxy) and OVSvAPP.

16 Integrating NSX for vSphere

This section describes the installation and integration of NSX-v, a Software Defined Networking (SDN) network virtualization and security platform for VMware's vSphere.

17 Installing Baremetal (Ironic)

Bare Metal as a Service is enabled in this release for deployment of Nova instances on bare metal nodes using flat networking. HPE DL and SL line of servers are supported.

18 Installation for HPE Helion OpenStack Entry-scale Cloud with Swift Only

This page describes the installation step requirements for the HPE Helion OpenStack Entry-scale Cloud with Swift Only model.

19 Installing SLES Compute
20 Installing Manila and Creating Manila Shares
21 Installing SUSE CaaS Platform Heat Templates

This chapter describes how to install SUSE CaaS Platform Heat template on HPE Helion OpenStack.

22 Installing RHEL Compute
23 Integrations

Once you have completed your cloud installation, these are some of the common integrations you may want to perform.

24 Troubleshooting the Installation

We have gathered some of the common issues that occur during installation and organized them by when they occur during the installation. These sections will coincide with the steps labeled in the installation instructions.

25 Troubleshooting the ESX

This section contains troubleshooting tasks for your HPE Helion OpenStack® 8 for ESX.

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