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documentation.suse.com / SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro Documentation / Deployment Guide / Pre-built image deployment
Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.3

Part II Pre-built image deployment

  • 5 Description of pre-built images
  • SLE Micro can be deployed using pre-built images. Currently, there are two types of images available: raw disk images and selfinstall ISOs.

  • 6 Overview of the deployment process
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro provides pre-built images (raw and selfinstall ISOs) that can be directly deployed to your device storage: a memory card, USB flash drive, or a hard disk. The options for which type of device you can deploy the image to depend on your particular hardware—follow the guidan…

  • 7 Preparing the configuration device
  • The following procedure describes how to prepare the configuration device (usually a USB flash disk). Ensure that the configuration device is connected to your host running SLE Micro during its first boot.

  • 8 Deploying the raw image
  • During the deployment of the raw image, the image of the system is just copied to the selected disk. Therefore, an EFI boot entry is not created (like it normally would if the system is deployed using an installer). You might need to manually boot your system using the EFI shell by selecting the SLE…

  • 9 Deploying selfinstall images
  • The chapter describes deployment of SLE Micro from selfinstall pre-built ISO images.

  • 10 Post-deployment steps
  • The chapter describes registration of SLE Micro and covers extensions available for SLE Micro.