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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.5

9 toolbox for SLE Micro debugging

This chapter describes the usage and purpose of the toolbox utility.

SLE Micro uses the transactional-update command to apply changes to the system, but the changes are applied only after reboot. That solution has several benefits, but it also has some disadvantages. If you need to debug your system and install a new tool, the tool will be available only after reboot. Therefore you are not able to debug the currently running system. For this reason a utility called toolbox has been developed.

toolbox is a small script that pulls a container image and runs a privileged container based on that image. In the toolbox container you can install any tool you want with zypper and then use the tool without rebooting your system.

To start the toolbox container, run the following:

# /usr/bin/toolbox

If the script completes successfully, you will see the toolbox container prompt.

Note: Obtaining the toolbox image

You can also use Podman or Cockpit to pull the toolbox image and start a container based on that image.