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documentation.suse.com / SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Documentation / Deployment Guide / Customizing installation images / Prepare a disk for cloning with the system cleanup tool
Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5

13 Prepare a disk for cloning with the system cleanup tool

The clone-master-clean-up tool that ships with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server makes it possible to remove data from the disk that you do not want to include in a clone. This chapter describes how to use the tool.

13.1 Cleaning up unique system identifiers

Warning: Do not use the tool on a production system

As the cleanup tool removes essential system configuration data, it is not recommended to use it on a system that is used in production. Run the tool on the cloned image instead.

The clone-master-clean-up tool removes the following data:

  • swap files

  • Zypper repositories

  • SSH host and client keys

  • temporary directories, like /tmp/*

  • Postfix data

  • HANA firewall script

  • systemd journal

  1. To install clone-master-clean-up, run the following command:

    > sudo zypper install clone-master-clean-up
  2. Configure the tool by editing the /etc/sysconfig/clone-master-clean-up file. Here, you can specify which specific data the tool should remove.

  3. Run the script to perform a cleanup:

    > sudo clone-master-clean-up