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documentation.suse.com / SUSE Linux Enterprise Server-Dokumentation / System Analysis and Tuning Guide / Handling system dumps
Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5

Part VI Handling system dumps

  • 18 Tracing tools
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server comes with several tools that help you obtain useful information about your system. You can use the information for various purposes, for example, to debug and find problems in your program, to discover places causing performance drops, or to trace a running process to f…

  • 19 Kexec and Kdump
  • Kexec is a tool to boot to another kernel from the currently running one. You can perform faster system reboots without any hardware initialization. You can also prepare the system to boot to another kernel if the system crashes.

  • 20 Using systemd-coredump to debug application crashes
  • systemd-coredump collects and displays core dumps, for analyzing application crashes. The core dump contains an image of the process's memory at the time of termination. When a process crashes (or all processes belonging to an application), its default is to log the core dump to the systemd journal,…