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Applies to SUSE Enterprise Storage 7.1

7 Manage NFS Ganesha


NFS Ganesha supports NFS version 4.1 and newer. It does not support NFS version 3.

Tip: More information on NFS Ganesha

For more general information about NFS Ganesha, refer to Chapter 25, NFS Ganesha.

To list all available NFS exports, click NFS from the main menu.

The list shows each export's directory, daemon host name, type of storage back-end, and access type.

List of NFS exports
Figure 7.1: List of NFS exports

To view more detailed information about an NFS export, click its table row.

NFS export details
Figure 7.2: NFS export details

7.1 Creating NFS exports

To add a new NFS export, click Create in the top left of the exports table and enter the required information.

Adding a new NFS export
Figure 7.3: Adding a new NFS export
  1. Select one or more NFS Ganesha daemons that will run the export.

  2. Select a storage back-end.


    At this time, only NFS exports backed by CephFS are supported.

  3. Select a user ID and other back-end related options.

  4. Enter the directory path for the NFS export. If the directory does not exist on the server, it will be created.

  5. Specify other NFS related options, such as supported NFS protocol version, pseudo, access type, squashing, or transport protocol.

  6. If you need to limit access to specific clients only, click Add clients and add their IP addresses together with access type and squashing options.

  7. Confirm with Create NFS export.

7.2 Deleting NFS exports

To delete an export, select and highlight the export in the table row. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Edit button and select Delete. Activate the Yes, I am sure check box and confirm with Delete NFS export.

7.3 Editing NFS exports

To edit an existing export, select and highlight the export in the table row and click Edit in the top left of the exports table.

You can then adjust all the details of the NFS export.

Editing an NFS export
Figure 7.4: Editing an NFS export