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SUSE Enterprise Storage 7

Deployment Guide

Authors: Tomáš Bažant, Alexandra Settle, and Liam Proven
Publication Date: 11/02/2021
About this guide
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Giving feedback
Documentation conventions
Product life cycle and support
Ceph contributors
Commands and command prompts used in this guide
I Introducing SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES)
1 SES and Ceph
1.1 Ceph features
1.2 Ceph core components
1.3 Ceph storage structure
1.4 BlueStore
1.5 Additional information
2 Hardware requirements and recommendations
2.1 Network overview
2.2 Multiple architecture configurations
2.3 Hardware configuration
2.4 Object Storage Nodes
2.5 Monitor nodes
2.6 Object Gateway nodes
2.7 Metadata Server nodes
2.8 Admin Node
2.9 iSCSI Gateway nodes
2.10 SES and other SUSE products
2.11 Name limitations
2.12 OSD and monitor sharing one server
3 Admin Node HA setup
3.1 Outline of the HA cluster for Admin Node
3.2 Building an HA cluster with the Admin Node
II Deploying Ceph Cluster
4 Introduction and common tasks
4.1 Read the release notes
5 Installing and configuring SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
6 Deploying Salt
7 Deploying the bootstrap cluster using ceph-salt
7.1 Installing ceph-salt
7.2 Configuring cluster properties
7.3 Updating nodes and bootstrap minimal cluster
7.4 Reviewing final steps
7.5 Disable insecure clients
8 Deploying the remaining core services using cephadm
8.1 The ceph orch command
8.2 Service and placement specification
8.3 Deploy Ceph services
9 Deployment of additional services
9.1 Installation of iSCSI gateway
III Upgrading from Previous Releases
10 Upgrade from a previous release
10.1 Before upgrading
10.2 Upgrading the Salt Master
10.3 Upgrading the MON, MGR, and OSD nodes
10.4 Upgrading gateway nodes
10.5 Installing ceph-salt and applying the cluster configuration
10.6 Upgrading and adopting the monitoring stack
10.7 Gateway service redeployment
10.8 Post-upgrade Clean-up
A Ceph maintenance updates based on upstream 'Octopus' point releases

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