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documentation.suse.com / SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro Documentation / Deployment Guide / Pre-built image deployment
Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.2

Part II Pre-built image deployment

  • 5 Description of pre-built images
  • SLE Micro can be deployed using pre-built images. Currently, there are two types of images available: raw disk images and selfinstall ISOs.

  • 6 Deploying raw images
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro provides raw images that can be directly deployed to your device storage: a memory card, USB flash drive, or a hard disk. The options for which type of device you can deploy the image to depend on your particular hardware—follow the guidance in your vendor documentation.

  • 7 Deploying selfinstall images
  • The chapter describes deployment of SLE Micro from selfinstall pre-built ISO images.

  • 8 Configuring with Ignition
  • This chapter provides details about the Ignition provisioning tool that is used to set up a machine. Here you will learn how to provide required configuration files used for the machine definition.

  • 9 Configuring with Combustion
  • This chapter describes Combustion, the tool used to configure your system on first boot according to your configuration.

  • 10 Post-deployment steps
  • The chapter describes registration of SLE Micro and covers extensions available for SLE Micro.