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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP4

37 Service management with YaST

YaST provides a service manager for controlling the default system target, services, displaying service status, and reading the log file. New in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP4 is YaST support for systemd socket-based services activation, which configures services to start on demand.

systemd supports starting services with socket-based activation, for starting services on demand. These services have two unit types: service and socket. For example, CUPS is controlled by cups.service and cups.socket. YaST allows you to select the type of service start-up you want to use.

Figure 37.1, “YaST service manager” shows the options in the Start Mode drop-down box: On Boot, On Demand, and Manually. Select On Demand for socket-based activation. This opens a listening network socket, and the service starts when there is a request.

YaST service manager
Figure 37.1: YaST service manager

The On Demand option is visible only for services that support it. Currently this is a small subset of services, such as CUPS, dbus, iscsid, iscsiuio, multipathd, pcscd, rpcbind, TFTP, virtlockd, virtlogd. See man 5 systemd.socket for detailed information on how socket activation works.