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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5

Part II The Installation Workflow Edit source

6 Installation with YaST

After your hardware has been prepared for the installation of SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server as described in Part I, “Installation Preparation” and after the connection with the installation system has been established, you are presented with the interface of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server's system assistant YaST. YaST guides you through the entire installation.

During the installation process, YaST analyzes both your current system settings and your hardware components. Based on this analysis your system will be set up with a basic configuration including networking (provided the system could be configured using DHCP). To fine-tune the system after the installation has finished, start YaST from the installed system.

7 Cloning Disk Images

If SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is installed in a virtualized environment, cloning an existing installation may be the fastest way to deploy further machines. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides a script to clean up configuration that is unique to each installation. With the introduction of system…

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