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Applies to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 15 SP5

35 Setting up a scanner

You can configure a USB or SCSI scanner with YaST. The sane-backends package contains hardware drivers and other essentials needed to use a scanner. If you own an HP All-In-One device, see Section 35.1, “Configuring an HP all-in-one device”, instructions on how to configure a network scanner are available at Section 35.3, “Scanning over the network”.

Procedure 35.1: Configuring a USB or SCSI scanner
  1. Connect your USB or SCSI scanner to your computer and turn it on.

  2. Start YaST and select Hardware › Scanner. YaST builds the scanner database and tries to detect your scanner model automatically.

    If a USB or SCSI scanner is not properly detected, try Other › Restart Detection.

  3. To activate the scanner select it from the list of detected scanners and click Edit.

  4. Choose your model form the list and click Next and Finish.

  5. Use Other › Test to make sure you have chosen the correct driver.

  6. Leave the configuration screen with OK.

35.1 Configuring an HP all-in-one device

An HP All-In-One device can be configured with YaST even if it is made available via the network. If you own a USB HP All-In-One device, start configuring as described in Procedure 35.1, “Configuring a USB or SCSI scanner”. If it is detected properly and the Test succeeds, it is ready to use.

If your USB device is not properly detected, or your HP All-In-One device is connected to the network, run the HP Device Manager:

  1. Start YaST and select Hardware › Scanner. YaST loads the scanner database.

  2. Start the HP Device Manager with Other › Run hp-setup and follow the on-screen instructions. After having finished the HP Device Manager, the YaST scanner module automatically restarts the auto detection.

  3. Test it by choosing Other › Test.

  4. Leave the configuration screen with OK.

35.2 Sharing a scanner over the network

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop allows the sharing of a scanner over the network. To do so, configure your scanner as follows:

  1. Configure the scanner as described in Chapter 35, Setting up a scanner.

  2. Choose Other › Scanning via Network.

  3. Enter the host names of the clients (separated by a comma) that should be allowed to use the scanner under Server Settings › Permitted Clients for saned and leave the configuration dialog with OK.

35.3 Scanning over the network

To use a scanner that is shared over the network, proceed as follows:

  1. Start YaST and select Hardware › Scanner.

  2. Open the network scanner configuration menu by Other › Scanning via Network.

  3. Enter the host name of the machine the scanner is connected to under Client Settings › Servers Used for the net Metadriver

  4. Leave with OK. The network scanner is now listed in the Scanner Configuration window and is ready to use.