General Requirements

Before you begin installation, ensure that you have:

  1. A SUSE Customer Center account. This account gives you access to organization credentials and registration keys for SLE Micro 5.5 and SUSE Manager Server and Proxy

  2. Supported Browsers for SUSE Manager Web UI

  3. SSL certificates for your environment. By default SUSE Manager 5.0 uses a self-signed certificate.

The following section contains more information on these requirements.

1. SUSE Customer Center Account and Credentials

Create an account with SUSE Customer Center prior to deployment of SUSE Manager 5.0.

Procedure: Obtain Your Organization Credentials
  1. Navigate to in your Web browser.

  2. Log in to your SCC account, or follow the prompts to create a new account.

  3. If you have not yet done so, click Connect to an Organization and type or search for your organization.

  4. Click Manage my Organizations and select your organization from the list by clicking on the organization name.

  5. Click the Organization tab, and then select the Organization Credentials tab.

  6. Record your login information for use during SUSE Manager setup.

Depending on your organization’s setup, you might also need to activate your subscription, using the Activate Subscriptions menu.

For more information about using SCC, see

2. Supported Browsers for SUSE Manager Web UI

In order to use the Web UI to manage your SUSE Manager environment, you will need to ensure you are running an up-to-date web browser.

SUSE Manager is supported on:

  • Latest Firefox browser shipped with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

  • Latest Chrome browser on all operating systems

  • Latest Edge browser shipped with Windows

Windows Internet Explorer is not supported. The SUSE Manager Web UI will not render correctly under Windows Internet Explorer.

3. SSL Certificates

SUSE Manager uses SSL certificates to ensure that clients are registered to the correct server. By default, SUSE Manager uses a self-signed certificate. If you have certificates signed by a third-party CA, you can import them to your SUSE Manager installation.