Install Containerized SUSE Manager Proxy on k3s

1. Installing k3s

On the container host machine, install k3s (replace <K3S_HOST_FQDN> with the FQDN of your k3s host):

curl -sfL | INSTALL_K3S_EXEC="--tls-san=<K3S_HOST_FQDN>" sh -

2. Installing tools

The installation requires the mgrpxy and helm packages.

The mgrpxy package is available in the SUSE Manager Proxy product repositories.

The Containers Module is required to install helm.

To install them run:

zypper in helm mgrpxy

3. Deploying the SUSE Manager proxy helm chart

To configure the storage of the volumes to be used by the SUSE Manager Proxy pod, define persistent volumes for the following claims. If you do not customize the storage configuration, k3s will automatically create the storage volumes for you.

The persistent volume claims are named:

  • squid-cache-pv-claim

  • /package-cache-pv-claim

  • /tftp-boot-pv-claim

Create the configuration for the SUSE Manager Proxy as documented in Containerized SUSE Manager Proxy Setup. Copy the configuration tar.gz file and then install:

mgrpxy install kubernetes /path/to/config.tar.gz