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Applies to SUSE OpenStack Cloud Crowbar 9

14 Configuration Files for OpenStack Services

Typically, each OpenStack component comes with a configuration file, for example: /etc/nova/nova.conf.

These configuration files can still be used. However, to configure an OpenStack component and its different components and roles, it is now preferred to add custom configuration file snippets to a SERVICE.conf.d/ directory instead.

14.1 Default Configuration Files

By default, a configuration snippet with a basic configuration for each OpenStack component is available in the following directory:


For example: /etc/nova/nova.conf.d/010-nova.conf

Those files should not be modified.

14.2 Custom Configuration Files

To adjust or overwrite settings for the respective OpenStack component, add a custom configuration file to the same directory, /etc/SERVICE/SERVICE.conf.d/.

The same applies if you want to configure individual components or roles of an OpenStack component, such as nova-api or nova-compute, for example. But in this case, add your custom configuration file to the following directory:


For example: /etc/nova/nova-api.conf.d/

All custom configuration file must follow the rules listed in Section 14.3, “Naming Conventions for Custom Configuration Files”.

14.3 Naming Conventions for Custom Configuration Files

Use the following rules for any configuration files you add:

  • The file name must start with a 3-digit number and a dash. For example: /etc/nova/nova.conf.d/500-nova.conf

  • The file must have the following file name extension: .conf

  • For configuration management systems (for example: Crowbar, Salt), use numbers between 100 and 499.

  • To override settings written by the configuration management system, use numbers starting from 500. They have higher priority.

14.4 Processing Order of Configuration Files

The configuration files are processed in the following order:

  • /etc/SERVICE/SERVICE.conf

  • /etc/SERVICE/SERVICE.conf.d/*.conf (in dictionary order)

  • /etc/SERVICE/ROLE.conf.d/*.conf (in dictionary order)

If conflicting values are set for the same parameter, the last configured value overwrites all previous ones. In particular, values defined in


overwrite configuration values in


14.5 Restarting with New or Changed Configuration Files

After making changes to configuration files, you must restart the service(s) where the configuration changes should apply.

For example: to restart the nova service(s) with a new configuration, run the following command:

systemctl restart openstack-nova-compute

14.6 For More Information

For details, also see /etc/SERVICE/README.config.