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documentation.suse.com / SUSE OpenStack Cloud Crowbar 9 Documentation / Deployment Guide using Crowbar / Setting Up the Administration Server / Service Configuration: Administration Server Network Configuration
Applies to SUSE OpenStack Cloud Crowbar 9

6 Service Configuration: Administration Server Network Configuration

Prior to starting the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Crowbar installation, make sure the first network interface (eth0) gets a fixed IP address from the admin network. A host and domain name also need to be provided. Other interfaces will be automatically configured during the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Crowbar installation.

To configure the network interface proceed as follows:

  1. Start YaST › System › Network Settings.

  2. Switch to the Overview tab, select the interface with the Device identifier, eth0 and choose Edit.

  3. Switch to the Address tab and activate Statically Assigned IP Address. Provide an IPv4 IP Address, a Subnet Mask, and a fully qualified Hostname. Examples in this book assume the default IP address of and a network mask of Using a different IP address requires adjusting the Crowbar configuration in a later step as described in Chapter 7, Crowbar Setup.

  4. Check the settings on the General tab. The device needs to be activated At Boot Time. Confirm your settings with Next.

  5. Back on the Network Settings dialog, switch to the Routing tab and enter a Default IPv4 Gateway. The address depends on whether you have provided an external gateway for the admin network. In that case, use the address of that gateway. If not, use xxx.xxx.xxx.1, for example, Confirm your settings with OK.

  6. Choose Hostname/DNS from the Network Settings dialog and set the Hostname and Domain Name. Examples in this book assume admin.cloud.example.com for the host/domain name.

    If the Administration Server has access to the outside, you can add additional name servers here that will automatically be used to forward requests. The Administration Server's name server will automatically be configured during the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Crowbar installation to forward requests for non-local records to those server(s).

  7. Last, check if the firewall is disabled. Return to YaST's main menu (YaST Control Center) and start Security and Users › Firewall. On Start-Up › Service Start, the firewall needs to be disabled. Confirm your settings with Next.

Important: Administration Server Domain Name and Host name

Setting up the SUSE OpenStack Cloud will also install a DNS server for all nodes in the cloud. The domain name you specify for the Administration Server will be used for the DNS zone. It is required to use a sub-domain such as cloud.example.com. See Section 2.1.4, “DNS and Host Names” for more information.

The host name and the FQDN need to be resolvable with hostname -f. Double-check whether /etc/hosts contains an appropriate entry for the Administration Server. It should look like the following: admin.cloud.example.com admin

It is not possible to change the Administration Server host name or the FQDN after the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Crowbar installation has been completed.