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Applies to SUSE Enterprise Storage 7

1 About the Ceph Dashboard Edit source

The Ceph Dashboard is a built-in Web-based Ceph management and monitoring application that administers various aspects and objects of the cluster. The dashboard is automatically enabled after the basic cluster is deployed in Section 5.3, “Deploying the Ceph cluster”.

The Ceph Dashboard for SUSE Enterprise Storage 7 has added more Web-based management capabilities to make it easier to administer Ceph, including monitoring and application administration to the Ceph Manager. You no longer need to know complex Ceph-related commands to manage and monitor your Ceph cluster. You can either use the Ceph Dashboard's intuitive interface, or its built-in REST API.

The Ceph Dashboard module visualizes information and statistics about the Ceph cluster using a Web server hosted by ceph-mgr. See Section 1.2.3, “Ceph nodes and daemons” for more details on Ceph Manager.

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