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Applies to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9

Part VI Support

  • 45 FAQ
  • Find solutions for the most common pitfalls and technical details on how to create a support request for SUSE OpenStack Cloud here.

  • 46 Support
  • Before contacting support to help you with a problem on your cloud, it is strongly recommended that you gather as much information about your system and the problem as possible. For this purpose, SUSE OpenStack Cloud ships with a tool called supportconfig. It gathers system information such as the c…

  • 47 Applying PTFs (Program Temporary Fixes) Provided by SUSE L3 Support
  • Under certain circumstances, SUSE Support may provide temporary fixes (called PTFs, to customers with an L3 support contract. These PTFs are provided as RPM packages. To make them available on all nodes in SUSE OpenStack Cloud, proceed as follows. If you prefer to test them first on a single node, s…

  • 48 Testing PTFs (Program Temporary Fixes) on a Single Node
  • If you want to test a PTF (Program Temporary Fix) before deploying it on all nodes to verify that it fixes a certain issue, you can manually install the PTF on a single node.