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Applies to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9

45 FAQ

Find solutions for the most common pitfalls and technical details on how to create a support request for SUSE OpenStack Cloud here.

1. Node Deployment

Q: How to Disable the YaST Installer Self-Update when deploying nodes?

Prior to starting an installation, the YaST installer can update itself if respective updates are available. By default this feature is enabled. In case of problems with this feature, disable it as follows:

  1. Open ~/openstack/ardana/ansible/roles/cobbler/templates/sles.grub.j2 with an editor and add self_update=0 to the line starting with linuxefi. The results needs to look like the following:

    linuxefi images/{{ sles_profile_name }}-x86_64/linux ifcfg={{ item[0] }}=dhcp install=http://{{ cobbler_server_ip_addr }}:79/cblr/ks_mirror/{{ sles_profile_name }} self_update=0 AutoYaST2=http://{{ cobbler_server_ip_addr }}:79/cblr/svc/op/ks/system/{{ item[1] }}
  2. Commit your changes:

    ardana > git commit -m "Disable Yast Self Update feature" \
  3. If you need to reenable the installer self-update, remove self_update=0 and commit the changes.