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Applies to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9

48 Testing PTFs (Program Temporary Fixes) on a Single Node

If you want to test a PTF (Program Temporary Fix) before deploying it on all nodes to verify that it fixes a certain issue, you can manually install the PTF on a single node.

In the following procedure, a PTF named venv-openstack-nova-x86_64-ptf.rpm, containing a fix for nova, is installed on the Compute Node 01.

Procedure 48.1: Testing a Fix for nova
  1. Check the version number of the package(s) that will be upgraded with the PTF. Run the following command on the deployer node:

    ardana > rpm -q venv-openstack-nova-x86_64
  2. Install the PTF on the deployer node:

    tux > sudo zypper up ./venv-openstack-nova-x86_64-ptf.rpm

    This will install a new TAR archive in /opt/ardana_packager/ardana-8/sles_venv/x86_64/.

  3. Register the TAR archive with the indexer:

    tux > sudo  create_index --dir \

    This will update the indexer /opt/ardana_packager/ardana-8/sles_venv/x86_64/packages.

  4. Deploy the fix on Compute Node 01:

    1. Check whether the fix can be deployed on a single Compute Node without updating the Control Nodes:

      ardana > cd ~/scratch/ansible/next/ardana/ansible
      ardana > ansible-playbook -i hosts/verb_hosts nova-upgrade.yml \
      --limit=inputmodel-ccp-compute0001-mgmt --list-hosts
    2. If the previous test passes, install the fix:

      ardana > ansible-playbook -i hosts/verb_hosts nova-upgrade.yml \
  5. Validate the fix, for example by logging in to the Compute Node to check the log files:

    ardana > ssh ardana@inputmodel-ccp-compute0001-mgmt
  6. In case your tests are positive, install the PTF on all nodes as described in Chapter 47, Applying PTFs (Program Temporary Fixes) Provided by SUSE L3 Support .

    In case the test are negative uninstall the fix and restore the previous state of the Compute Node by running the following commands on the deployer node;

    tux > sudo zypper install --force venv-openstack-nova-x86_64-OLD-VERSION
    ardana > cd ~/scratch/ansible/next/ardana/ansible
    ardana > ansible-playbook -i hosts/verb_hosts nova-upgrade.yml \

    Make sure to replace OLD-VERSION with the version number you checked in the first step.