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documentation.suse.com / Documentation / Deployment Guide using Cloud Lifecycle Manager / Support /  Applying PTFs (Program Temporary Fixes) Provided by SUSE L3 Support
Applies to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9

47 Applying PTFs (Program Temporary Fixes) Provided by SUSE L3 Support

Under certain circumstances, SUSE Support may provide temporary fixes (called PTFs, to customers with an L3 support contract. These PTFs are provided as RPM packages. To make them available on all nodes in SUSE OpenStack Cloud, proceed as follows. If you prefer to test them first on a single node, see Chapter 48, Testing PTFs (Program Temporary Fixes) on a Single Node .

  1. Download the packages from the location provided by SUSE L3 Support to a temporary location on the CLM Server.

  2. Move the packages from the temporary download location to the following directories on the CLM Server:

    noarch packages (*.noarch.rpm):


    x86_64 packages (*.x86_64.rpm)


  3. Create or update the repository metadata:

    ardana > sudo /usr/local/sbin/createrepo-cloud-ptf
  4. To deploy the updates, proceed as described in Section 15.3, “Cloud Lifecycle Manager Maintenance Update Procedure” and refresh the PTF repository before installing package updates on a node:

    ardana > sudo zypper refresh -fr PTF